• Animainiac

    Here I am

    March 28, 2014 by Animainiac

    Ello Ello peeps anima here jus to say well hey,how are you,how very nice to meet you! The wiki is taking shape and well lets just make sure it reaches its ultimate form! So yea thats its Basically xD

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  • Macymac2000


    March 10, 2014 by Macymac2000

    This wiki has grown QUITE popular, there are more users, pages, and edits being done each day. I also seemed to notice a few other pages ive been on seem to be winding down, this will give us a higher chance to tell people about this wiki and it will be bound to get more people due to the fact that this wiki is still taking off. I would recommend people mention this wiki a few times on other sites to try and get the news out

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  • Macymac2000


    March 6, 2014 by Macymac2000

    So far with all this editing being done this wiki is turning out pretty awesome, i love the character creating and things!

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  • Fyre of Dragons


    March 2, 2014 by Fyre of Dragons

    I just wanted to thank everyone who is helping make this wiki grow, whether it be roleplaying or adding pages and editing. Both are very important on a rp wiki like this and I just wanted to take some time to give my thanks to you guys.

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  • Akatsuki Shikute Tekameito

        Hey guys I would like to know how you like the wiki so far, give me some ideas and things you would like for us to add. And yes I have said US because this wiki is a team effort. I started this and we are going to build it up. I hope to see some comments, and concerns you would like for us to deal with.

    1- Very bad, can do a lot better.

    2- Bad, please  do more work with it.

    3- Undecided, I do not care.

    4-Good, keep up the work and it has minor things I can notice.


    Thank you for your support it means a lot to me.

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