Magical itemsEdit

Since magical items have the magic inside them, anyone can use them, even non-mages. There are three types of magical items: everyday items, Armor, and weapons. 

Everyday items: everyday items are items that have been enchanted to make peoples everyday lives easier. This class of magical item is very common. These items can be obtained in wizard shops by anyone. Magical items can be found in almost every household, items include:

  • Colors Magic
  • Complete Transformation Box
  • Gale-Force Reading Glasses
  • Lacrima
  • Light Pen
  • Magic Headphones
  • Magic Letter
  • Magic Power Finder
  • Magic Sealing Stones
  • Magic Stamp Tool
  • Magical Vehicles
  • Memory Days Book
  • X-Balls

Magical weapons are less common than everyday magical items but can still be used by non-mages. Magical weapons include:

  • Archenemy
  • Big Bazooka
  • Eclipse
  • Etherion
  • Explosive Lacrima
  • Face
  • Habaraki
  • Infinity Clock
  • Klodoa
  • Magic Bomber: Christina
  • Magic Convergent Cannon: Jupiter
  • Magic Double Machine Guns
  • Magic Pump Action Shotgun
  • Magic Sniper Rifle
  • Mr. Cursey
  • Mugetsu-Ryu
  • Musica Sword
  • Nirvana
  • Paralysis Powder
  • Pheonix Stone
  • Ricochet
  • Sacred Arrow
  • Ultra Concentrated Light Lacrima
  • Tower of Heaven
  • Air Shatter Cannon
  • Anima
  • Bustermarm Sword
  • Command Tact
  • Dorma Anim
  • Dragon Chain Cannon
  • Magic Scepter
  • Magic Shoes
  • Magic Spear: Ten Commandments
  • Magic Spiked Club
  • Magic Staves
  • Magic Vials
  • Magic Whip
  • Rosa Espada
  • Sealed Flame Blade
  • Fleuve d'étoiles

Magic Armors:

  • Adamantine Armor
  • Armadura Armor
  • Black Wing Armor
  • Farewell Fairy Tail Armor
  • Flame Empress Armor
  • Flight Armor
  • The Giants Armor
  • Heart Kreuz Armor
  • Heaven's Wheel Armor
  • Lightning Empress Armor
  • Morning Star Armor
  • Nakagami Armor
  • Purgatory Armor
  • Robe of Yüen
  • Sea Empress Armor
  • Seduction Armor

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