Rules for the wikiEdit

  1. We all respect each other
  2. Minor swearing, is only allowed if in manga or anime.
  3. Only participate if you want to, if you are just fooling around then don't participate.
  4. As the name suggests this is based on Fairy Tail's universe, only powers that comes from it are allowed.
  5. You are allowed to use your characters from the Fairy Tail Fanon instead of needing to create one.
  6. While someone is chatting at the chat, don't try to invade it, wait until it end and you can "introduce" yourself.
  7. Harassment and other forms of offline or online aggression will be dealt with severely
  8. If you have a problem with another user, contact an admin and explain the situation
  9. No text slang or emoticons while in game, will result in a short ban if rule is broken repeatedly
  10. When in a fight, don't rapidly post attacks and don't make the post as if you will 100% hit the other person, breaking this rule will result in a short ban
  11. No matter what, your character CAN NOT avoid every attack thrown at them
  12. Do not control other people's characters
  13. Whilst in game, if you are trying to talk out of game start your sentence with a double open bracket = "((" and then when you finish your sentence, do a double closing bracket "))"
  14. If you want to have any kind of Slayer magic, you must have admin permission, or your character will be deleted
  15. Being obnoxious or bothering people purposely on chat will result in a kick
  16. If an authority figure sees any trolling, or flamers or anyone who seems to be one, they will be banned immediately
  17. Sock Puppet accounts (extra accounts made to get around ban) will be banned and the original profile from which the sock puppet was made will receive a ban extension
  18. An admins decision is final, regardless of topic. Unless there are multiple admins opposed, and the admins opposed out numbers the amount of admins supporting the motion